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Feminism is much like a religion.

If you were to give the broadest, simplest summary of the bible, you could say the bible is about not doing bad things and doing good for your fellow man. A concept so simple and good you’d be crazy to think it was bad. (like saying feminism fights for equality)

But yet there are lots of specific ideas ideas within that that not everyone who shares that core idea will agree with. To the point where there are even different groups among those who use the bible as a guide for life that have different opinions on what being a Christian means.
And many outside of those groups that don’t find themselves among them because they disagree with many of those specific ideas and don’t feel being a Christian is even necessary to not do bad thing and do good.
And sadly there are many who disagree, and think those who aren’t Christians are less capable of doing so without Christianity. 

All of this applies to feminism. the core idea of feminism is equality, but it has so many specific ideas within that that not everyone agrees with, and even if not all feminists are the same, it doesn’t matter because you don’t need to be one to hold the idea of equality. Being a feminist can mean many things. There are not just negative associations or stereotypes, but feminist ideas that many people simply don’t share. 

Rape culture and the US being a patriarchy are not facts, they are ideas. Feminist ideas. If you don’t agree with feminist ideas, don’t be a feminist. theres nothing wrong with it. You can still be pro equality, pro equal rights, anti sexism, ect without being a feminist.
Just like you don’t need to be a Christian to have good morals.

Being anti feminist doesn’t mean you support a patriarchy, that’s like saying an atheist worships Satan.
Not believing in something is not the same as supporting it.


"Doug was my favorite cartoon as a kid" Said no one ever.







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fandom: no we don’t. What are you talking about. We’re totally G-rated here.

what… what is this thing?






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A lil something I drew for

  • Question: I sent out the bepisguy - deltadragoon
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    yaaaaay more mail!

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I need to give this another shot. I still like the idea, but I feel this aged horribly. Giving her a bigger head alone for more Sonic like proportions would probably help alot.


Congratulations Amy Winehouse on your third year of sobriety.

  • Question: what do you think about the phenomenon of #womenagainstfeminism? I think it's a bit worryng: women can't go against other women! I don't really think that feminism puts women against men. Am I right? I don't know much about feminism, but I'm really interested in learning more. Now I'm a bit confused, so I'm asking you. Thank you. - Anonymous
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    I think #womenagainistfeminism is incredibly misinformed and perpetuates the idea that women are in fact not in need of feminism anymore and men are the ones who are experiencing gender based oppression now. So naturally, I don’t like it.

    However, I do think that we’re mad at the wrong people about this. We shouldn’t be saying “these women are so unintelligent and they need to stop talking!” because that only perpetuates the idea that a) women don’t know what they’re talking about, b) the whole women fighting with each other thing that you mentioned in this question, and c) it completely ignores the fact that it’s men who have put us in such a position in the first place. It is men who have made feminism a dirty word in society and have directly and indirectly told women that no, they in fact don’t need feminism. Men control 97% of media, 95% of corporations, and 80% of our government, all of which are telling women they don’t need feminism. 

    We need to stop yet again blaming women for oppression and look at this as yet another example of how feminism has been made taboo in society.

    To answer the second part of your question, no, feminism doesn’t pit women against men; we want gender equality, not matriarchy.

    Also, if you want to learn more about feminism, I would check out this tumblr, Everyday Feminism, and Feminism is for Everyone.

    >”feminism isnt about women versus men!”

    >”everything is men's fault!”

    Oh god that contradiction.
    God forbid these women decided they don’t like modern feminism themselves, no, men convinced the poor stupid gullible girls to be against feminism because men ruin everything.

    Congrats, you’ve done a pretty fine job of proving all those women against feminism right. You are literally, LITERALLY one of the kinds of people who make women turn away from feminism. Men didn’t make feminism a dirty word, women like you did.

    Good job.

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Roommate: Are you at least wearing underwear?
Me: Would it make you feel better if I was?
Roommate: God damnit, Nathan.